Proposal's Value (EUR): 2750000

Proposal Description:

The business for sale has been operating for over 15 years, is organized in two companies, has 12 permanent employees that are supplemented according to seasonal needs, and has the full range of agricultural machinery and equipment for land use and agricultural crops, as well as administrative headquarters, storage facilities and installations for the perfect functionality and independent of the business.

The farm for sale is located on the Eastern part of Romania, on an owned piece of land with an area of ​​8300 sqm out of which 4000 sqm are concrete platforms, on which are located the administrative headquarters with all necessary annexes, mechanical workshop, grain warehouses with a capacity of 3,000 tons, staff accommodation and protocol facilities, fuel storage (PECO) with a storage capacity of 12,000 tons.

The farm has an opening to the asphalt road, is located in the immediate vicinity of the lands in operation, and is connected to the three-phase public electricity network, connection to the public water network but also its own with a capacity of 50,000 lt, pits and drainage pumps.

The business benefits from a complete range of specific machinery and equipment, which includes John Deere combines, John Deere and Class tractors, VOLVO tractor units, front loaders, headers, trailers, seed drills, mobile dryers cereals, balers, harrows, mowers, fertilizer spreaders, cisterns, and grain dump trucks.

The complete list of equipment can be made available to those interested.

The average turnover for the last 3 years, consolidated at the level of the two companies is 1,600,000 Euro/year with a profit rate of 15-20%

The companies for sale have no debts to the state.

Productivity obtained so far: wheat: 6.5 to / ha, corn: 10 to / ha, sunflower: 3.5 – 4 to / ha (without acute intensification techniques)

The crop plan for 2020 is:

Wheat-430 ha

Barley-100 HA

Green peas-40 ha (for APIA greening)

Sunflower-200 ha

Corn- 230 ha

For the concessioned areas, the rent paid contractually is 800 kg wheat/ha

The realized production is sold to traditional buyers with whom there is a continuity and stability of the collaboration.

Both companies are profitable and are eligible to access European funds for business development.

In addition, there are opportunities for business development, both by expanding the exploited areas, purchasing agricultural equipment, and last but not least by conducting 6 boreholes and the acquisition and operating of related irrigation facilities that will significantly increase the business efficiency (water is at 50 m deep).

The current owner puts on the market, in relation to the farm described above, three business proposals:

Total exit:

full sale of the business owned by the two companies, for the price of 3 M Euro;
Partial exit – 2 M euro, for the lease transfer of the lands in exploitation in the surface of 900 ha. In both situations, the whole business system will also be handed over: customers, suppliers, employees, etc.
Partnership/association with an investor available to invest 1.5 M Euro to continue the acquisition of land and to implement irrigation systems. In the latter case, the percentages in the business will be negotiated depending on the amount available and the investor’s involvement in the development of the business. The intention to sell comes from the owner’s desire to focus his efforts on another entrepreneurial project in the area of ​​viticulture and fruit growing, not being a pressing one, and the availability of a partnership with large investors. The owner is willing to assist the new buyer in taking over the business, for a reasonable period of time necessary to transfer the business in optimal conditions.Romanian Business Exchange is the consultant of the business owners in the sale action. Therefore, the parties interested in this business for sale and / or business partnership with the owners, are invited to communicate their intention through the contact form or by email [email protected], phone +40212665677.

The Interest:

Sell the Business

Financial Details:

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Business Trend: Stable

Type of Proposal: Sell a Business, Assets or Products. Get Capital

Type of Business:

Main Reason for Sale: Interest for other Business

Buyer Support: 6 months

Payment in Instalments is Accepted: Payment in Instalments is Accepted

Country (where operating): Romania,


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