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Proposal Description:

The Romanian company for sale produces corrugated cardboard packaging according to FEFCO standards, the main category of clients being in the furniture industry.

The business is constantly evolving from the beginning to the present, with potential growth.

The business is profitable, and the company has no debts to the state budget, with a history without problems, an excellent image in the market.

The potential for business development comes from the fact that the company is eligible for European funds.
Owners are people with a very good reputation.

Here are some financial details of the business:

Turnover (2018): 2.5 Mil. EUR
EBIT: 12%

Total assets: 1.7 Mil EUR including 4,200 square meters of built buildings (production, warehouse, offices) and 1,300 square meters of land.

The turnover is steadily increasing and is supported by the financial results of the first half of 2019: 0.7 Mil. EUR. The estimated percentage increase is also 7%, equal to the one constantly recorded in recent years.

The company is equipped with machinery and equipment specific to the manufacture of cardboard packaging. The company does not have non-specific assets for the production of packaging (“non-core”) and does not carry out other activities other than the production and marketing of corrugated cardboard packaging.

Family issues are those for which current owners have decided to explore the opportunity of selling the business.

Business owners want to explore the sale of at least 50% of their business, but they are not pressed or forced to sell. Full sale is preferred.

Owners are flexible in structuring the transaction and are willing to stay in business for a period of time to ensure business transfer in case of a total exit.

Romanian Business Exchange – RBE Connect is the exclusive consultant of the seller, and those interested in purchasing the full or majority package of this business are asked to communicate their interest in buying via email at [email protected] or directly via the form.

The Interest:

Sell the Business

Financial Details:

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Business Trend: Growing

Type of Proposal: Sell a Business, Assets or Products. Get Capital

Type of Business: Corrugated cardboard packaging

Main Reason for Sale: Personal Reasons

Buyer Support: 6 months

Country (where operating): Romania, Bucuresti



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